This week's COOL Photo of the Week just screams 'Autumn in North Dakota.'

Derrick sent in a great photo from a point above the train bridge in Bismarck (which may be gone soon) and looking into a Fall sunset.

Derrick Hendrickson
Derrick Hendrickson

Simply put, this is a really COOL photo. Plus the sunset adds a natural purple hue to the photo. It's just a calm Autumn evening in Bismarck.

Derrick's photo earns him a platter of Subway subs which feeds up to 12 people.

We had a record number of submissions for the COOL Photo of the Week this week and you can check out all of those great submissions in the photo gallery at the top of the post.

You can begin submitting photos again next Wednesday (Nov. 1) at 6am on our Facebook page.

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