So in trying to be clever and avoid the ever watchful and suppressing eyes of the FB police...let's talk about getting a pony!

Have you got your pony yet?  Is so when are you getting your second pony?

Maybe you're not thinking about getting a pony at all.

Going way back to November of 2020, I wrote a conversation starter asking what the community thought about employers requiring staff to provide proof they got a pony.  I'm just curious if the conversation has changed in the many months that have passed.  Especially since so many people have now gotten a pony.

I'd invite you to click and read an article recently posted by T. Arthur Mason on his The Minuteman Blog. I've said this before, but I think I would greatly enjoy a sit down diner lunch with Mr. Mason.  We may only agree that the ice is cold, but I'd hope the conversation would be thoughtful and respectful.  He's a great writer and always seems well-sourced.

If you're not with the internet PD, feel free to click this link to read all about a memo from a Fortune 500 company doing business in North Dakota and requiring all of their employees eventually "pony up" to continue to be employed.  Is it legal?  Experts say probably. It's actually a three phase pony plan and it might not be until September before you need to establish proof of pony.  September? That my friends is a very long way away. But it's wise to give people ample time to warm up to either having a pony or finding another job where you can live pony-free!

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