Back in 2002, then New York Jets head football coach famously said-

"You play to win the game"

These days winning isn't nearly as much fun as it used to be.

When North Dakota Governor Dough Burgum won his reelection race in 2020, I'm sure he was looking for a victory lap.  Instead lawmakers in his own party are looking to land a legislative slap.  A slap that seeks to limit his power regarding executive orders.  Which is a bummer for the governor because he loves his executive orders!  I mean he must love them a lot as he's issued 45 emergency or disaster orders in his time in office.  To his credit, we have been facing a bit of a pandemic problem.

AP NEWS is now reporting that Republican Senator Janne Myrdahl of Edinburg is sponsoring a bill to limit the length of emergency executive orders to just 30 days.  If the Governor wanted to extend the order, he'd have to call a special legislative session to do so. It could be a virtual session, so not as dramatic as it sounds. But it's not just GOP Senator Myrdahl peeing in Doug's cornflakes, it's a whole darn dog-pile!

A hearing on the SB2124 is scheduled for 9 a.m. Monday.

A similar bill in the House would restrict an emergency order to 60 days. It could be extended only with the approval of the Legislature. A hearing on HB1118 has not been scheduled.

House Minority Leader Chet Pollert said he expected at least six more bills from his chamber seeking to limit executive orders.

Business owners are not pleased with the shutdowns over the last year and they are letting their representatives know all about it!

Like Charlie Sheen once said "Winning!"

See how that worked out for that guy.

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