Imagine being almost 1,000 miles away from home and one day you find a painting of yourself for sale at a flea market. You know it's not you, but it has to be you. Is it a twin you don't know anything about? Is it a painting of a relative you've never met?

Taylor Wilson Miller and her uncle Rodney Laron are asking all of these questions and more.

In the original Facebook post, Laron says "So my niece lives in Kentucky now and she found this picture in a flea market. We would love to find out who the lady in the painting is!! Ps were from Louisiana."

As you can see in the picture of Taylor posing next to the painting, the likeness is so spot on it's really hard to believe how the painting could anyone else but her.

Louisiana Woman Finds Old Painting of 'Herself' in Kentucky Flea Market

The nose, the hair, the shape of the's a spitting image but, it's not Taylor in the painting.

Woman Finds Painting of Herself
Rodney Laron Via Facebook

As of now, Taylor and Rodney aren't sure exactly how old the painting is, who painted it, or how it wound up in the Kentucky flea market. They're hoping through Facebook and the magic of the internet to hopefully find some answers and eventually find out who the woman in the painting is.

From -

There's about a one-in 135 chance that a pair of complete doppelgängers exist somewhere in the world. But the likelihood of someone walking around looking identical to you, specifically, in all eight facial features is only one in 1 trillion. Creepy, but not very likely.

Obviously, if you study the faces of Taylor and the woman in the painting you'll begin to notice that there are some differences like the eye color.

That being said, those differences are so little that this painting looks like it could be a painting she had done last week.

Also, what do you think the mathematical possibilities are that a woman from another state almost 1,000 miles away would move to the exact state, and walk into the exact flea market to find an old painting of a woman who looks exactly like her?

A glitch in the matrix? Devine intervention?

Taylor gave an update about the mystery on Facebook saying -

For everyone curious, we took the picture apart. There was a name on the back but it was rubbed off. I was able to find the artist and sent him an email. I only sent a picture of the woman. He said he didn’t know her name but last night I sent him another email of this picture and waiting on a reply. According to his bio, he’s lived in NY and several other places but not Kentucky where the painting was found.

Below is the photo Rodney Laron posted to Facebook showing the wild resemblance between his niece Taylor and the old painting she shockingly happened upon at the Kentucky flea market.


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