If you don't like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, there is a North Dakotan on the Presidential ballot that you can vote for.

On Sunday, the Libertarian party picked its candidate and it is Gary Johnson. Johnson was the Libertarian candidate in 2012 as well. Johnson grew up in New Mexico but was born in Minot, North Dakota. He served as the Governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003.

According to CNN, a recent nationwide poll shows that Johnson had 10% of the country's support. If Johnson were to receive 15% of the vote in this year's election, that would allow him to participate in debates alongside Democrats and Republicans in 2020.

The website OnTheIssues.org states that Johnson wants to cut the federal budget by 43% to help balance it, believes in the separation of religion and state and supports gay unions. He believes government should not be involved in any way with the marriage business.

Johnson also feels there are too many unnecessary laws that result in overcrowded prisons and supports the legalization of marijuana. He does not support cap & trade in the oil industry but he believes that alternative energy is good and believes in global warming.

Check out more of Gary Johnson's opinions here or check out his website.



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