Friday July 3rd, President Trump will be at Mount Rushmore for a patriotic campaign event.  I've never been to Washington, DC, but it strikes me that Mount Rushmore must be the greatest symbol of American patriotism that you can find on earth. I'll take you back to 1983. My impression of Rushmore is best seen in this picture-of-a-picture.  It's my near perfect "impression" of President Thomas Jefferson.  My nose is just big and regal enough to pull it off.  Also, I had hair back then.  I had that cool Record Head t-shirt from Minot that I once borrowed to my friend Kammy. She claimed to have misplaced it. Alas, I don't believe it's bringing the kind of money she's expecting.


I also ran down Barney and Fred on that Black Hills trip.  Just lucky I guess.


Sorry, as I was saying- President Donald Trump is coming to Mount Rushmore for fireworks on Friday July 3rd.

Really, it's an event on a campaign tour, that like all political campaigns, has been radically changed since COVID-19. But there was a presidential push for Rushmore firework policy change back in January of this year. So it was going to happen.  Much like the Sturgis Bike Rally this year...was going to happen. You can't stop it- so enjoy it!

South Dakota Governor Krisit Noem had this to say on Fox News Laura Ingraham show:

We will have a large event on July 3. We told those folks that have concerns that they can stay home, but those who want to come and join us, we'll be giving out free face masks, if they choose to wear one. But we won't be social distancing.

So let's give South Dakota a hug and hope for a heckuva show!

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