Do we celebrate the New Year and greater things to come?

Heck yes we do.

Mandan will once again allow you to blow up the sky on New Years Eve 2020.  You may click and read the entire Mandan Ordinance.  You could, but I know a lot of us don't. So I'll throw out the most important part first- FIREWORKS ARE NOT RECYCLABLE! I hope that sinks in.  I was living in Mandan for many a year starting back in 2001, the worst part of the 4th of July (it was at least a 5 day fest back then) was the trash. So, don't think it's paper and wood, it's gunpowder residue that someone else has to separate. Not for the recycle container.

Now, back to the good news, December 31st from 5 PM to 1 AM  on January 1st, Mandan, you can blow up about everything you want except lanterns and BOTTLE ROCKETS!  I capitalize that, because, bottle rockets are where my story's going.  New Years Eve, you can not shoot off bottle rockets- Roman Candles, Saturn Missiles, Pooping Chickens, Artillery Shells, but no bottle rockets.  Good for them.

If any item "screams" social distancing, it's bottle rockets.  More specifically, bottle rocket fights. Which I have been involved in hundreds.  Forget about smoke bombs, firecrackers, and M-80s- bottle rockets were meant to crash into your buddy's forehead. Period. Shoot once...address the wind speed and launch angle.  Forehead Ho! Fire!

I could spend paragraphs explaining the throwing of bottle rockets under highway overpasses, dodging rockets under the water tower, and straight up- western stand offs. Ridiculous...and any right minded adult would have to agree.

So take those Roman Candles...and don't shoot 'em at each other! Have a great New Years Eve Mandan!  Bismarck keep in mind, choosing fireworks will be loud, messy, and your pets will hate you for it. But 2020 has been a bit of a stinker.  Please clean up after yourselves.

Y'all stay safe.



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