I’ve been on a few crazy first dates, so when I came across these stories, I felt appreciative that my dates were not this bad! 



Check them out:

*On a first date, the guy told me, “You remind me of a dead ex-girlfriend.” What was I supposed to say to that? –Gabby, age 20

*I met him for lunch.  He told me our relationship wasn’t working for him anymore.  Then he asked for a ride home!”  - Kristen, age 20

*A guy I went to high school with asked me out, and when I got in his car, my yearbook photo was on his dashboard.  Either he dug it up or it was always on display.  Either way, it was creepy!” – Nicole, age 31

*He took me on a ski date, lost his keys on the slopes, searched for them for eight hours, then hit an elk on the drive home!  - Kirsten, age 20

*On a third date, we were laughing and telling stories at the bar when he leaned in and goes “I have to ask you…what’s your name again?” – Sherry, age 31

*All he talked about were his kids, which turned out to be his dogs.  He had a tattoo of them on his chest, and he’d bought three burial plots...one for him and one for each dog on either side. – Molly, age 25

*He told me he was a filmmaker and showed me one of his movies on a date.  It had an explicit sex scene that he starred in.  And he was wearing the same outfit in the film that he wore on our date.  – Rose, age 29

Source: Cosmopolitan, March 2014


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