In an unrelated story, people close to me have recently tested positive for COVID-19.  Sorry to say they ain't no spring chickens either, so this is far from a "cases are going up just because there's more testing" scenario. This is people that are loved, infected with a contagious virus.  Opinions don't stop infections.

The Morton County Fair board has decided to remove the bands and beer gardens from the 60th annual Morton County Fair taking place in the final week of July.  Nothing against your county's fair, but the Morton County Fair has always been about the greatest representation of a Midwest county fair that you could ever experience- usually at about 100 degrees. So hot they cook chickens on the sidewalk! (also cancelled)

The fair has been a pearl of the prairie taking place for decades in the shadow of New Salem Sue.  It will continue in 2020, the popular post-rodeo concerts and beer garden have been cancelled, but the the agricultural core will remain.  The revised schedule can be found here. Tribute to the hard work of the 4H clubbers, their parents, and the organization. You can still be a part of the celebration, just in a more "measured" way.

The rodeo will still take place Friday and Saturday night at 6:30. It'll be up to you to be responsible for socially distancing while at these events. I was not present at the recent "Cow Town Hoedown" in New Salem, but it's my understanding from speaking to those that were, masks and socially distancing precautions were not the theme of the partying crowds. Can we do better to carry on with concerts and gatherings? I don't know, but it's pretty damn scary when COVID comes home with someone that's close to you. Not just because of "testing" , but because of infection.

Wash them hands and stay safe y'all.

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